In Office Allergy Services

Drastically increase your profits by following our simple allergy program. You can average $240,000 per year by adding one new allergy patient per day

Allergy Program


Our program enables you to implement in-office allergy services with no steep learning curve. Simple, concise, and proven protocols ensure your success.


No obstacles. No unforeseen pitfalls. No lengthy implementation.

Simple Safe & Effective

You will be ready to start identifying new allergy patients immediately, and we will coordinate everything you need to provide a safe, effective, and profitable allergy care program in days, not weeks or months.


We will send you exactly what you need. Our mix kits are tailor-made for each patient so there is no need for you to carry inventory.

  • Quick and simple finger stick blood test (skin test available if required)
    • 5 minutes vs. 30-40min skin test
  • Program implementation: 3-5 days
  • No inventory needed
    • patient treatments only – refrigeration required FOR SERUM
  • No MA needed
  • $240,000 – average point – treatment only
    • additional revenue with the office visits an injections
  • No cost to implement
  • No monthly minimums – (tests or treatments)
  • No long-term contracts

More Benefits of Our Allergy Program

  • Allergy testing can begin immediately
  • No long-term contract
  • No minimum volume
  • No inventory to maintain
  • Patient-specific therapy is delivered on demand
  • Your clinical staff will be trained to compound customized patient immunotherapy
  • Your billing staff will receive training and support
  • Quality assurance and quality control measures for prepared treatments are provided
  • We work with you rather than dictate to you how to provide allergy services
  • No full-time staff on-site to impair workflow or cramp your space or style