Dr. Maggie Skeldon


Dr. Maggie Skeldon has unique, exceptional experience in the practice of mental and performance health. As a bilingual practitioner, Dr. Skeldon speaks with authority, authenticity, experience, passion, and wisdom about a variety of human-health matters. She has held leadership positions in diverse industries including the United States Space Program (NASA) and has served on executive boards and alliances to improve the lives of others. As a fervent advocate of preventive medicine and healthcare, Dr. Skeldon works with health systems and physician groups to increase their patients’ health, while generating new income. Her compelling personal story of experiencing a heart attack as an asymptomatic patient, resulting in the implantation of a pacemaker/defibrillator device, is a valuable reminder that preventive health is essential for the quality of life.

 As Maggie says, “It’s a Win Triple Win Win!”