Strategic Partnership Announcement – PVBM

Fairway Health and Wellness and Precision Value Based Management (PVBM) Announce Strategic Partnership

JUPITER, FL— September 20th, 2021—Fairway Health & Wellness (“FairwayHW”), is pleased to announce our Strategic Partnership Agreement with Precision Value Based Management, LLC (PVBM), the company that owns the very technology that grades and ranks physicians for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). PVBM is a leader in the field of value-based medicine, offering state-of-the-art blockchain technology to physicians and health systems. PVBM’s platform acts as a shadow clinic resulting in more appropriate patient care as outlined by CMS and generates a significant increase in revenue for the practice at no additional cost or use of practice resources. In addition, the platform guarantees compliance with CMS resulting in bonuses and avoiding reimbursement penalties.

“We’re very excited to join forces with Fairway’s exceptional team of professionals,” said Doug Sparks, CEO of PVBM. “They understand the importance of improving care and driving desperately needed compliance and revenue to providers. This can only be achieved through partnering with like-minded specialists and their technologies to assure a gap-free healthcare service continuum. Our joint belief is in the power of this synergy. In a fragmented market where many view others as competitors, we see each other as incredible strategic partners committed to improving healthcare delivery. Nowhere else in technology will you find this open willingness for many companies to share and extend each other’s technology for the greater good of the patient, provider, and industry. We are proud to partner with Fairway for all of these reasons.” 

“Our goal has always been to provide cutting edge preventative platforms and nutritional alternatives, giving providers the ability to improve care to their patients and generate increased revenue at minimal to no upfront cost or expense,” said Robert Farrell, CEO of FairwayHW. “The PVBM platform fits perfectly with our model as we can not only implement it at zero upfront costs, we can do so without using any practice resources. Doug and his team are leaders in value-based care and are true visionaries at the forefront of medical information systems. Their state-of-the-art blockchain technology takes advantage of a cryptocurrency and is second to none.”

Through our strategic partnerships, we engage with healthcare professionals to advance the goal of improving patient care. Our approach provides cutting edge technologies and exceptional services to physicians and healthcare systems, helping their patients reach their optimal health and wellness. PVBM’s relationships with multiple Direct Contracting Entities (DCE’s) proves their value to the provider, and CMS’s goal to assure high quality provision of required care including annual wellness visits will result in a reduction in healthcare costs. These are guiding principles we share and have been saying on a consistent basis. FairwayHW’s offerings are unique and exclusive, the combination of which can generate significant additional income to a sole practitioner. More importantly, they will improve patient care and result in an overall significant reduction in healthcare costs over time.