Strategic Partnership Announcement- Sunline Healthcare

Fairway Health and Wellness and Sunline Healthcare Announce Strategic Partnership

JUPITER, FL—August 3, 2021—Fairway Health & Wellness (“FairwayHW”), a company that specializes in providing physicians and health systems preventative screening technologies and nutritional alternatives and Sunline Healthcare, a company that specializes in bringing breakthrough medical technology to the Primary Care market, today announced a strategic partnership. This partnership will bring together FairwayHW’s innovative diagnostic and non-invasive screening offerings and Sunline’s extensive network in the medical industry, helping to accelerate the rollout of these cutting-edge technologies nationally.

Through a combined effort, FairwayHW and Sunline will jointly unlock additional income to help physicians and health systems significantly increase their bottom line at zero upfront cost or capital investment. 

The strategic partnership will initially focus on placing the Pulse Platform equipping physicians and health systems with the best possible solution to enhance care, while also significantly improving profitability. 

The Pulse Platform, which bills 5 CPT codes, offers physicians and health systems a state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared diagnostic medical platform for testing the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system, giving them the ability to diagnose chronic disease in the asymptomatic patient. The all-in-one preventative diagnostic tool can conduct non-invasive screening in15 minutes in an in-office setting. 

“We welcome Sunline Healthcare’s well established and experienced  executives to our ever growing team of professionals. Their significant experience and national network in the health space will help accelerate the rollout of our offerings to physicians and health systems,” said Bob Farrell, President & CEO of Fairway Health and Wellness. “ We look forward to tapping into Sunline’s medical network to the benefit of many physicians and health systems resulting in overall improved patient care, increasing income for physicians and over time reducing healthcare costs.”

“Sunline Healthcare has a been working with Scientists and Physicians since 2012 to bring new ideas and technologies out of the lab and into the marketplace to improve the lives of Patients and Physicians”, said Damian Serong, CEO, Sunline Healthcare. “Our Partnership with FairwayHW and Pulse is another step forward in improving the visibility that Physicians now have in identifying problem areas for their patients, and we are fortunate to be aligned with these incredible organizations.” 

Fairway Health & Wellness

Fairway Health & Wellness aims, through its strategic partnerships, to empower the healthcare provider to proactively identify disease indicators in asymptomatic patients by utilizing cutting edge preventive screenings and technologies and provide the very best care and treatment plans to their patient populations to help achieve positive patient outcomes. Visit our website to learn more.

Sunline Healthcare

Sunline Healthcare has a strong history of assisting medical professionals in bringing great ideas to market that solve common problems and make significant improvements in Patient Care. Our network is focused on how we can serve the Primary Care market with breakthrough initiatives.