Dr. Sam Armitage – Pelican Family Medicine

Fairway Health and Wellness has been a gift to the practice we didn’t know we needed.
Most small to medium practices can not afford to hire someone dedicated to integrating multiple testing and treatment modalities into their practice, but that is precisely what Fairway does. This has been a boon to both the practice and my patients, as we now have multiple new methods of diagnosing and treating patients that we never had before in a traditional Family Practice office.

In addition to the traditional testing and treatment, Pelican Family Medicine now has help setting up Annual Wellness Visits, mandated testing and reporting, and other new in-office treatment options all pointed towards improving patient care.

We are integrating a state-of-the-art comprehensive cardiovascular risk platform to intercept disease earlier than previously with screening, in-house allergy testing and immunotherapy, as well as nerve conduction studies. In addition, we will offer pharmaceutical-grade supplements at a discount to our patients to improve their health measurably, in addition to other services, all to enhance care and improve the health of our patients.

Fairway Health and Wellness has been a great addition to Pelican Family Medicine and its patients.

M. Samuel Armitage, MD