Value Based Technology

Do you know your current CMS compliant levels and what you are missing out on in additional revenue for missed mandated services? WE CAN HELP!

Take control of your compliance and Revenue Today!

The Process is simple, unobtrusive, and FAST!


Would you like a complimentary report (CMS Report Card) showing your missed mandated services in 47 different categories?

The Technology
Exclusive and Unique:

  • Developed in direct collaboration with CMS
  • Unrivaled in EHR & data analytics world

PVBM Identifies Medical Necessities for Each Patient

  • Auto creates care plans
  • Meets CMS standard of care

After Each Encounter - Potential New Medical Necessities

  • Generated in 7 categories
    • Assessments
    • Diagnostics
    • Ancillaries
    • CCM, RPM, TCM & BHI
  • Also identifies untreated diagnosis
  • Makes inter-departmental referral

Quick and Easy Implementation Process: 3 Phases

Phase 1: Live Electronic Engagement of Your Entire Patient Population.

  • Earn increased revenue from your entire patient population (99421, 99422, 99432 & G0071)
  • Cashflow in 30-45 days
  • Minimal staff involvement
  • Technology connects with all patients electronically
  • Starts with the attribution process
  • We triage all of your patients
    • Red (High Risk)/Yellow (Needs Monitoring)/Green (Low or No Risk)
  • Learn the assigned individual risk for each patient
  • Once risk level established:
    • Patient self schedules
    • Follows up via telemedicine
    • In-person (Reds) – Elevated Risk
      • $$ – 100% to Provider

Phase 2: Engaging Patients Based on Medical Necessities

  • All white labeled to the practice or health system
  • Use your staff or your present service contractors


  • 20,000 NPs, PAs, Mid-Levels & MA’s
  • 150,000 encounters a week
  • Away from the office and workflow
    • Don’t incur the cost of hiring additional staff
    • Only pay for services performed following payment
  • No Upfront Cost-Zero Risk

Phase 3: RAF Optimization

  • Risk Share Services (RSS)
  • We effectively help you with managing chronic conditions of your patient population.
    • Critical for revenue generation
    • Assist in accurate RAF scores
    • Services properly & compliantly documented for patients
    • Improves quality of care
    • Ensures appropriate reimbursement
      • Without adding minutes to providers’ labor time



Average Benchmark = $800 per RAF Score Point

Every .25 Increase = $200 PM or $2,400 PY

If the patient’s score rises .4 ¬†after PRSS Assessment:

  • $320 Per Member – $3,840 Per Year – 1 Patient
  • Apply to 500 patients – $2 Million

This is a conservative example


We will make you a model  provider in your ACO

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